How to Buy the Right Gopro Gimbals

Selecting the right gimbal suited for your needs can be quite tricky as there are many models and makes on the market. Thus, you should consider some factors to ensure you choose the best Gopro gimbal. The following are the most important factors to consider.

Type of Gimbals

This is an important factor you have to consider when choosing a gimbal. Nowadays, there are many types of gimbals currently on the market. They include the following.

Motorized Gimbal

camera action shootingThis is a great gimbal that is quite easy to use. You just need to set it up. After setting it up, you can start to shoot pictures and videos. The gimbal produces a smooth image automatically. Ensure you tilt it down or up when setting it up.

Non-Motorized Gimbal

This is another important type of stabilizer. It provides a lot of control over the camera movements. It is an ideal choice for tracking moving objects. You should note that handling a gimbal is a bit harder as it takes longer to be familiar with the controls.

3 or 2 Axis Gimbal

Currently, the most popular types of gimbal are 3-axis and 2-axis. The gimbals offer adequate control over the camera movements. They are ideal for tracking moving objects. However, it is a bit difficult to handle the gimbal as it may take a bit longer to understand the controls.

Build Quality

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a gimbal. Usually, inexpensive gimbals are made of plastic. This explains why they are less durable. Fortunately, you can find the best gopro gimbals that are made of quality materials. For instance, those made of aluminum are of excellent durability. It is advisable to ensure the gimbal you choose is rust resistant and waterproof.


When choosing a gopro gimbal, you need to focus on reliability. Nowadays, you can find inexpensive gimbals that can save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, they may not last long. There is a good chance that a cheap gimbal can break during the first time of use. This explains why you should carry out your homework. You can read online reviews and watch videos.


A lot of people buying a gopro gimbal overlook this factor. When purchasing a gimbal, you should take into account its weight. Remember that gopro cameras vary in weight. Therefore, you have to find the gimbal that can support its weight.