A Buying Guide for Night Vision Gears

Night vision gears are optoelectronic devices that produce clear images of objects in sheer darkness. These devices are designed with night vision tubes that increase their effectiveness. They are highly resistant to wet conditions and other adverse weather conditions.
Night vision gears are ideal for night hunting or camping. Hunters use them to locate targets when it is dark even with minimum accuracy. There are different types or models of nigh vision gears. Choosing the right devices is not a simple task. This write–up is going to guide you in selecting the best night vision gears for your hunting needs.

Benefits of Night Vision Gears

  • They are portable- These are lightweight devices that can be attached to crossbows, riffles and other weapons with ease.
  • They are designed with multiple filters that make them effective in capturing images. You can use them to view the captured image in different shades like grey, green and red.

Factors Considered When Choosing Night Vision Gears

Night vision gears are powerful aiming devices that offer additional benefits when compared with the traditional sights. They are well-designed to offer both un-magnified and magnified visions since night vision is a bit complicated than the conventional one. Aiming at night can be very tough if you don’t have the right hunting gear. The following are the important things that you need to take into consideration when looking for a night vision device:

Quality of Glass


The quality of the glass used must always be considered when buying a hunting gear. The glass’s quality plays an important role in determining the amount of distortion. You should choose devices that are designed with high-end glasses because they don’t cause a lot of distortion.

Field of View

The devices chosen for hunting purposes should have a wide field of view. This is a critical factor that should always be considered. A tool that enables you to see wider can help you in tracking the target’s movements more effectively when hunting.


The device chosen should have a magnification of about ten times (10X). Tools that have high magnification are known for having a great scope. Hunters who can’t afford high magnification devices can choose the affordable options with a magnification of 5X or 3X.


LP/MM stands for the number of lines per millimeter. This is another quality that defines how clear an object is. Ideally, you should purchase a hunting gear that has a high LP/MM. Its high value corresponds to a clear image. The recommended LP/MM ranges from 60-70.