Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tour Guide 

You will face a need for selecting the right person or firm for the job once you opt to go with a private tour guide. You may do the wrong thing and end up with a person you barely understand. Some people come home after their trips with bags full of horrific tales of their bad tour guide. You should aim to be among those who have exciting tour memories because you got a pleasant experience throughout the trip.
The tips for choosing the perfect tour guide are all below this introductory paragraph. They come from experienced tour guides who received awards for the excellent services and successfully went undercover as tourists to find out what their colleagues did wrong.a perfect tour guide

Establish a time-frame for your tour

You need a specific duration of your tour. You will negotiate with the tour guide on what to see and where to go based on the time you have. Some people make a mistake of letting the tour guide decide where they will go without prior knowledge of the available time. Such negligence leads to the loss of opportunities to see most attractive places in the visited destination.
Knowing the time of touring also helps with the logistic arrangements so that the tour guide is available at the pickup scene on time and delivers you back to the agreed endpoint on time. Time management is the key skill that leads to successful and memorable tours in any part of the world.

Work with licensed tour guides

Most governments have a department of tourism that seeks to improve the experiences of the tourists going to the country. Therefore, they have bodies to streamline tourist operations, enhance safety and introduce regulations against rogue operatives. Working with licensed guides helps you avoid many pitfalls.
The guides will be respectful and will have a code of ethics to adhere to as part of their requirements for their licensing. Furthermore, licensed practitioners are likely to have a professional background education on courteous relationships, service delivery, quality assurance, and safety. They are good at time management and communication.

Use forums and social media pages

popular tour spotsYou should explore tour guide reviews online to find out what other people are saying. You need to consider the guides with good reviews for a particular destination. Therefore, you need to start finding a tour guide as soon as you plan your trip. Waiting for the last moment when you are arriving at your destination can be a disaster on your part. You may lack sufficient time to explore all the available option and pick the best candidate.
Most people who get a bad experience will likely rant on forums and groups. Therefore, understand this bias and take no news as potentially good news when reviewing the feedback from tour guide clients online.
Starting early and being careful with the options you get is the only thing you need to do on
your part. There are additional indicators for a preferable tour guide such as licenses and years of experience. Other than that, you should be specific with your tour requests so that it is easy for both you and the tour guide to appreciate the opportunities available for the tour.…

How to Choose Your Travel Destinations

If wishes were horses, some people would travel to every single part of the planet. However, it is not possible to achieve this since there are constraints you have to deal with. Of course, you would want to go to the top destinations around the globe, but you may have to contend with less favorable choices.

If you are a globetrotter or any other person trying to explore the world, here is how to choose your travel destinations.

Why are you traveling?

It is important to know why you are traveling. You do not want to get on a plane and go to another country for the sake of it. Taking a picture of the rift valley and posting it on Facebook for your friends to see is not a reason good enough to travel.

Find why you need to travel, and it will become easy to pick a destination. It is not wise to spend your hard-earned dollars for no good reason.

The time factor

destinationsThe amount of time you have to travel could make or break your dreams of traveling far. If you have a week or two, you do not want to travel for the better part of that time. It is logical that you should choose a nearby destination.

If you have 4 or more weeks to travel, you can go to whatever destination you want. You have plenty of travel time to be en route and still be left with adequate time to have all the fun you need.

New or old destination?

There is always the question of wanting a new destination or revisiting one you have been to. It could be in your past travels you loved a place and promised to go back sometime. Is it about time you revisit your old destination?

If it is a new destination, you would want to do extensive research. This is a place you have never been to. The closer you come to knowing it is from Google.

Do you plan to learn something?

It could be that you want to learn a new language or achieve something you have set out in life. If this is the case, your destination will be shaped around this. It could be surfing in Australia, skiing in New Zealand, or scuba diving in the south-east of Asia. If you know what you want to learn, you already know where it is best to go.

Your travel budget

You could want to go to the best destinations on the planet. That would be achievable if only you had the money to take you there and stay. However, money will not always be enough. Your small budget cannot take you to that Far East Island you so much want to visit. It is also not adequate to take you to Africa for a wildlife conservation adventure. You may have to choose a nearby destination due to financial constraints.

You should carefully choose your next travel destination. What you want is to get the best from your experience and your money. Only go to a place because you have a good reason to be there.…